1. Judas4:10
  2. Drinkin' With Jesus3:56
  3. Painless3:59
  4. Weight of My World3:19
  5. Dark Wave by WarpMasters1:46
  6. Eighties by TuneBoy2:30
  7. Hero by TuneBoy1:49
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Release Date : October 13, 2017
Format : CD

Fronted by pro wrestler Chris Jericho, Fozzy deliver a modern hybrid of heavy metal and hard rock perfectly designed for the summer festival circuit. The band’s seventh album is stuffed with polished arena anthems (“Painless”), nu-metal grooves (“Capsized”), porno-funk guitar (“Weight of My World”), booze-soaked party jams (“Drinkin with Jesus”), and electronically enhanced beats (“Running with the Bulls,” “Elevator”), while the searing leads of Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward lend a dirty, Southern feel to the proceedings.